September 23rd, 2020 – 728

I’ve been feeling pretty fatigued of late, burned out from not really having much in the way of time off since, pretty much April, and even that is a stretch. Closer really to ‘since 2019’ if I’m honest. I was still trying to get past the general election. My personal new year is the 27th of September, so on the whole, it’s been a pretty awful year. And the 2020/2021 year looks if anything worse. But more pertinent to the topic at hand, I find it so hard to write when emotionally drained and unsure where to take the plot.

I would not be surprised if the chapter I wrote half of today ends up cut in its entirety from the finished version of TWR. The prose is, mediocre but that’s only one part; first drafts often have placeholder-prose. No it’s more the scene itself feels, redundant. I am not sure it adds anything to the story, and those are the dangling threads you have to pull or cut. Pull it to see if there’s more depth, or cut your losses and tie it off by blending anything worth saving into existing chapters. I think the latter is more likely. Still I’m liking the story, I just need to figure out how best to unfold more fun and games, which is my trio trying to trace the mysterious group causing shenanigans on the university campus.

Going to Mana Gaming tonight, first evening of Commander I’ll have gone to since February. Social distancing and masks are in full effect, so no idea what to expect, but it’s been a really, really rough day, and I just needed something to stop it from being all doom and gloom. Wish me luck.