September 18th, 2020 – 723

So this week has been long. I managed to kick off Sunday with an early target, at last in a working routine, then of course had to shift my whole day an hour and three-quarters earlier for ID card printing in Lewes, so sadly early-target died a bit of a death. Granted I righted the ship before things slipped into the twilight hours, but I am still knackered and in need of some deep sleep this weekend. I also need to tidy the flat but man, sleep comes first. And relaxation as I have been in a wired state for like 5 days straight now.

I did at least make some time this evening to play Stardew and Arena. I’m still so freaking greatful to WotC for their incredible customer support on the latter. It paid dividends for them as it turns out because after saying what they did, a few friends were encouraged to try out Arena again to see what it was like. More than happy to be a walking advert for Magic, that game is incredible and derserves to be as profitable as it is. Least I think so.

I am having so much fun writing TWR at the moment. This book is turning into the best tribute to the train line the series is named for that I’ve written yet, and I think will with some meta editing across the series will become the backbone of the StOre-lore. That’s ‘The Service to Ore lore’, not 100% sure I like shortening it to ‘StOre’ even if it is clean. The idea that I might self publish and sell through a “StOre Store” is amusing to me though.