September 17th, 2020 – 722

As much as I’ve found I can function better getting up at 6:30am than I expected, I am not going to miss doing that now I’m back to being Eastbourne-based. It’s nice being back in control of my routine again, which I did lose a little with the amount of running around and working in an unusual place. Of course today I am working out of the North Wing of ECAT House, so it’s not my normal desk, but close enough. I even managed to take a break today, which I’ve gotta say made the world of difference as I’ve been getting a bit run down by nonstop days. I can do them, happy to do them to support the team, but not as happy as I am to have them in the rearview mirror.

TWR is coming along well, hitting – when you include chapter headings – 27,000 words exactly today. That means we have a clean number to judge against the number of days of the project so far, which started on the 24th of August. That’s 25 days, to produce 27K. It is as far as I’m aware my worst pace I’ve had in eleven months, a far cry from the novel-in-67-days of WAN. Granted, I was pushing to get away from that story, but I know I can work faster, and I’m keen to get back to that former pace as soon as I can. Of course, the 24th was when enrollment started at the college, so a lot of long hours and late nights are hidden within that figure. Then again, lockdown was busy and even TFS worked at at least 100 a day faster than I am at the moment. Or, should I cut myself some slack?

1,100 banked today. If I can try to hit that whenever I push past 1,000 I can lift myself out of this rut. And even so, It do find it funny that a novel every 3 months is a ‘rut’ for me now.