September 16th, 2020 – 721

Someone did something super nice for me today, and I feel, bad about it. I’ve been struggling to make the time needed to get my Magic Arena goals all done, and messaged support asking if there was a way to buy the pet I wanted but was going to fall short of in levels. They gave me a refund for the pass,which was super nice of them but I paid for that in part because I like Magic and want to support it, so it feels, well wrong to get a refund. They told me how to buy levels which I did and got the pup pet, but I would have then paid to do so.

Let me just say it was so sweet of them to do that for me. Honestly this is a great game, you should play it because it’s fun at any skill level and FTP works well on it. I’m really touched by the generosity, but I feel bad now because I worry they thought this is what I was angling for? I really wasn’t, I just assumed there was no legit way to buy up to level 80. In hindsight I should have Googled it and not out myself into this moral quagmire. Or, I could stop overthinking this so much and recognise they probably like doing this for people from time to time. I guess my point is I don’t feel I deserved it but I do really appreciate it.

Also I swear this isn’t even the first blog post I’ve done with something like this has happened. Don’t know of that makes me naïve, neurotic or just insecure, maybe all three. Oh and I wrote some words today,should, probably mention that…