September 13th, 2020 – 718

Man does it feel good to pull of early morning target. I managed to get just 7 hours sleep last night as I switched off a bit late, so I need to get to bed a lot earlier today if I’m going to be at the station for 7:30am tomorrow. That alone has me a little nervous, even though this won’t be my first train journey of the pandemic. Still, I am more or less prepared, albeit I left my work laptop at work on Friday when I meant to take it with me, so I guess my home laptop – a very generous hand-me-down from my sister – is being demoted to work laptop for the day.

I don’t find writing horror a natural fit. I don’t mind it, but the first draft product is pretty far off of the mark. I can write sadistic horror but hate it, and while I adore the cosmic horror genre I don’t know if I’m going to be turning out my best work if I stick with it. Still I’ll try, and it is a genre I want to be good at. The more I practice, hopefully the better I get. For now i’ll take getting my target done in the morning so I can chill for the rest of the day. Got to do a meter reading for NPower and go collect my rail tickets, but at least with the latter I can play Stardew on the way.

So sleep: I did only get 7 hours but it’s hard to argue that resting up for that 12 hour catch up wasn’t central to this recovery. I have to prioritise more sleep as my circadian rhythm is quite demanding, requiring at least 8 hours most nights. I’m thankful I can do a 12 hour night and reset the clock, but it’s not the most practical fix in the world; for one thing it only works on weekends. So, I need a way to cue earlier nights that doesn’t feel as much like sacrificing my time in the evenings. If I can nail that, I’ll be back to 1,300 and 1,400 days in no time.