September 12th, 2020 – 717

Man does it feel good to get early target on the weekend. When I am at work, I don’t mind if I cannot take a break for the 8 hours of the work day because stuff comes up, but on the weekend where I don’t have to be on call there isn’t the same excuse, and once I’m up and about there’s no downside to knocking target on the head early. It means I can have a drink in the evening if nothing else, something I avoid if I still need to be creative. Moreover, today was a 1,100 word day, which isn’t a big leap but still makes me feel like this rut is closer to the end than the start.

I sat down with my blog, bullet journal, diary and health tracking apps to pinpoint why it is I’ve been having such a rough time of late. Spoilers, I crashed after I finished The Wanderer. That 6,250 word sprint to the finish let me get past the story, but I do still react badly to over exertion like that. It sounds silly – plenty of writers write a lot more than that each day* – but that asterisk is that I don’t know many others who mean every day when they say every day, and have a 40 hour a week job, and to an extent emotional dependants. If I push myself too much on top of all of that, I burn out, and work has been busy enough to burn me out by itself.

So how can I put the Wanderer out of mind and move on in a meaningful way? I don’t have an answer. There’s got to be a way, and I do feel better than before I got the story out of my head so perhaps it’ll just take time. But getting enough sleep and more early targets like today, that seems to me the best route forwards.