September 10th, 2020 – 715

So I did a funny thing today. At work, I have been maintaining a new form of journalling that borrows from BuJo but is a lot more cut back. I put the day’s date, and then I list every single work task that I have done that day as I do them. The purpose of this is not to track what actions I’ve taken when, so much as it is an esteem builder. I have found myself overwhelmed by feelings I am not doing enough, so I decided to track what I had done to see if there was any merit. As I stated yesterday, turns out I ignored so much work I was doing, like, majorly selling myself short. But today I took that to a new level.

I had a pile of enrollment forms to process. It took me the better part of three hours to work through the pile of 29 forms, creating or updating accounts, adding students to courses, amending errors and catching anomalies. In the past, if I were to track this on Trello, it would take the form of a card called “Process pile of enrollment forms on desk”, and I would archive it when done, meaning once I finished the task it would go out of sight, out of mind. All well and good, but it doesn’t track what or how much I’d done. So in the journal, I went to write that, but with ‘completed’ instead of ‘process’.

And then it hit me. I do so many smaller tasks each day. And each of those takes a lot of energy, or at least a lot more than I want to credit them on instinct. But I treat them now with that due respect as the seperate line items they are. So, why am I bundling 3 hours work into one nebulous task.

Now, this looks a teeny bit silly, but by writing it out this way, I can see all the work in proportion. Each of those forms took a chunk of time, just as any other individual task. Yes they can come under one heading, but this is a list of the tasks I have done, and putting over-extended headings does not capture the scope of tasks. So, instead, I wrote out the 26 identical line items, and then one to capture handing over the 3 other forms I had to hand back for various reasons.

It does look daft, but it also does make me feel a bit proud too. And I think that pride helped motivate me to take my break – which I almost didn’t – and use it to hit target in the afternoon. Slowly starting to feel like myself again, one small task at a time.