September 9th, 2020 – 714

So I started logging all the tasks I have done at work in paper, and the ones I need to do on Trello, and I think, think, I’ve found the sweet spot. If I keep track of my open work tasks on a digital tool, it means I can track all the attached information and forward parts to where they need to go, be it people or applications. However taking note rereading The Bullet Journal Method, the idea of ensuring that you can see all the work you’ve completed appealed to me. I was, a little hesitant as I worry I don’t do enough at work but boy was I selling myself short. It’s amazing how many tasks you can do during the day and then forget about a moment later, never giving yourself any credit and wondering why you’re not ‘doing more’. I recommend it if for nothing else as a justified esteem boost.

TWR is now at the 18,000 word mark and I am feeling, ok about it. I do worry that I haven’t got a fixed direction for my writing at present is hurting me nailing the beats of the story, but I’ve got them in the back of my mind as I go. I do feel my worst trait as a writer is ‘too little scene dressing’ and that I’ve been even more guilty of this as of late. I used to have the opposite problem of ‘not enough dialogue/characters connecting’ but that I’ve been knocking out of the park so far this book. In either case, the factor that matters the most is, you guessed it, the fact it isn’t The Wanderer.

Right, time to head home. Coming up on a week of rowing each day, and I want to do that before I pass out for the day. Cya.