September 4th, 2020 – 709

I am out for the count. Being the childish rebel I am I refuse to go to bed early on a Friday on principal but wheee are those principles being pushed to breaking point right about now. I’m going to sleep in tomorrow that’s for sure; only hope when I wake up I go and write in the morning, so I can try and restore the earlier targets that make juggling writing and work a lot easier.

Made my savings plan for the next year today, including a Magic budget that in a nutshell is one Expedition Fetchland a month. Here’s hoping the price doesn’t spike and mess up my maths. Can you tell from all this rambling how tired I am? I should have written this three hours ago when I hit target and was still at least somewhat lucid.

Think imma go pass out now.

Oh and writing went well. Probably should mention that on this blog ostensibly about writing. Words are hard. Book is fun though, massive improvement.