August 31st, 2020 – 705

Today ended up a bit better than the rest of the long weekend. I think a mixture of extreme fatigue and the aftershocks of The Wanderer floored me for most of the last few days, pushing target to the twilight hours and leaving me in quite a state. As it is, I have chained several days of what might be lightly termed ‘barely 1K’. That is to say, I cleared a thousand words, but not by a bunch. Today it was 1,016, the kind of territory where there’s every chance my personal journal – which counts for target – limped me across the finish line. Those days happen, and it’s kinda gratifying in its own way that a thousand words is a less optimal day. I’d have killed for that at one point.

TWR is shaping out nicely, and again I’m finding that intrigue, twists and excitement are my favourite ways to open a novel. I love leaving some tantalising hooks with a few moments of extreme activity to show a taste of what’s to come. If one day that becomes stereotypical of my openings, well again there are worse fates. It’s nothing revolutionary, indeed it’s pretty basic attention grabbing technique, but it’s nice to feel I’m getting the hang of it now. Maybe in another 6 novel’s time I’ll look back and wonder what it was like not to do those tropes on autopilot, or indeed not to twist them even deeper into richer stories.

My holiday resets tomorrow, and I am going to take that opportunity to book off two weeks of September, one starting the 7th, and between a partial and full week beginning the 28th. As you might imagine, the latter is for my special day, 2Y1K on the Sunday before that, and a heck of a celebration it’ll be. Sure, I won’t do anything fancy – festivities will likely extend to take out – but what a year to reflect on. Since mid-October I’ve only hit 1K with main story content, finished four novels – by October it’ll be close enough to five – and managed to do so through the biggest collapse in my mental health in almost a decade. It feels presumptuous to call that metal, but it’s at least worth a nickel. I’m not even sure that joke makes sense, that’s how tired I am.

Right, early night. Actually have to sleep this time…