August 30th, 2020 – 704

Really starting to slip bad now. I think the exhaustion is just catching up bad, so I might look at booking the week starting the 7th off, even as I plan to book off the 27th and the data around. I need to do some course correction and it needs to take place while I’m still relatively lucid.

Story wise things are a bit rosier. The first four chapters of The Whispering Rail have a lot going on in them for excitement and intrigue. I feel I’m getting better at engaging content our the gate, though what I really need to get better at is editing my back catalogue. I still plan on a triple entry to the Wattys, but I’d like to at least try and spruce the triplets up.

I need to go row. I also need to stop leaving this until super late in the day. I end up having to row super quiet to not be anti social, which kind of defeats the point. Got a lot to sort out…