August 18th, 2020 – 692

So one slip back to the evening isn’t too bad, but I hope this is a blip rather than the start of a slip. I hit target at 20:23, had a row and just journalled, so even though I will likely hit post after 9pm, this is still within my soft 50-50 range. For the record it goes:

Pre-9am: How the actual hell did you manage that?

Pre-10am: Nice, perfect spot, full day ahead to focus on, can be present and enjoy the moment.

Pre-12pm: AM target is still morning target, and it lets me have an afternoon likely of at least one big task and a couple small ones, decent.

Pre-5pm: My boundary between ‘work time’ and ‘leisure time’ remains in tact, though I likely had writing looming over my work day – includes weekends – which will have made me less productive. Even so, those days happen.

Pre-8pm: Problematic but I can still begin to wind down for the day without too much risk of being up at 2am with a mind still ablaze because I didn’t switch it off in time. (Note, mind will sometimes be a pain in the butt and not switch off in time even if I write target before 9am. Thanks brain, you doofus.)

Pre-9pm: Ok odds that this is the start of a slide into the abyss are even at this point. I have managed to get away with blips like this and been fine plenty of times, but I’ve also followed many a 8:30pm target with a 1:30am one. Got to be careful.

Pre-11pm: You tried. Well actually odds are you might not have and that’s why we’re in this mess. Yes it doesn’t matter when I hit target but this means less sleep, which means likelyhood of a second 11pm target goes up.

Pre-2am: Kill me… I feel like death and the words are done but at what terrible, terrible cost…

Between 5am and 8am: Either it was just polling day, or I am in a full fledged spiral. Both testament to my ongoing commitment no matter what to have a thousand words for each day, and indicative that this could one day kill me. Yay! Not, yay to death, yay to the other thing, though I likely feel like death.

So yeah, this is fine.

Sorry for all the italics…

Oh! Also 7 days in a row of 5 minutes rowing minimum! Actual yay!