August 17th, 2020 – 691

Aside from my full awareness that I’m sitting in my home office rather than around colleagues at a dedicated work desk, this is starting to feel like a bygone era of work I know now only as ‘February’. I have routine, order, and yes I have an email backlog that rivals any one of my novels in wordcount, I’ve tackled the meaty tasks and broken down those not yet done into manageable chunks. I think another listen/work through ‘Getting Things Done‘ is in order when I have the mental energy to digest it, perhaps on the August bank holiday. A day which I totally forgot about and means I get paid next Friday! Woo!

There is a good chance that when I resume WAN tomorrow, that I’ll write the <1,200 words needed to hit 80K. I don’t know how I feel about that. Relief I guess is the big mood, but ashamed is up there. I will be more than glad to have WAN behind me and not look at it again for at least a year, but it’s not as if I feel all sunshine and rainbows about that; I’ll still have to edit it, and then decide if I ever let it see the light of day. As far as next projects go, I’m thinking I will jump into The Whispering Rail as I’d rather keep up the pace I’ve got and finish writing the series with time to spare. While WAN-aside I love this series, it’s written more for myself than anyone, and I want to get into writing publishable novels after that. With that much experience of the process under my belt after 14 books, I might even be able to write something half decent.

I am so glad the weather turned down from its former scorched Earth policy. I’m still not sleeping great, but it’s getting more manageable. Keeping up these early targets is the way to go, and though it’s taking a while, I’m starting to feel like my old self for the first time in, well five months exactly now I look at the calendar. Better late than never.