August 16th, 2020 – 690

In my defense, this time it was intentional. I woke up late, had about an hour and a half between being lucid and needing to head out, and I focused that on hitting target/journalling. I needed to, because too many times now I’ve been in a position where I could write before a fixed event, and went ‘nah I’ll do it later’. Later means 1am, cut it out. No really, I’ll get home, knackered, go ‘let me find some energy and I’ll go write’ – BOOM, gone midnight and I want to rip my eyeballs out.

So, ahem, I didn’t do that. I wrote, journalled, and left blogging and my daily row for later. I did the latter as I got in and now I’m writing one of the more meta blog posts I’ve ever done. And this whole blog is a mess of meta so that’s saying something. But hey, was a good day, got my fortnightly foodshop to about £25 so that’s sweet, and now I think imma pass out any second. I call that a complete breakfast.

What the heck am I talking about…