August 14th, 2020 – 688

Oh my god the world isn’t melting anymore! Well, heat wise; the world is still metaphorically on fire but at least I won’t need a fan on all night just to get less than 8 hours sleep. Even so, by brain is so sluggish right now. I won’t go on for too long on here because I need to use what’s left of my mental functionality to get my work for the day done. For starters then, as you might guess, I managed an early morning target again, so my grim prediction that I’d be back to PM targets by the end of the week both came prematurely true, and then reverted to a better place. I am of course now going to have to maintain this at the weekend, but for once I am a smidge more confident there. After all, I go into ‘work’ every day now; I just only check emails at this desk on weekdays.

I want to get out and walk around a bit more than I have been. My toe is still not looking fantastic, but by now I feel it’s as recovered as it’s going to get in the short term, so it is time to start pushing that a bit. I have also started marking off on my calendar each day if I completed at least one row. I’m only tracking in ones, so despite doing two yesterday, only one glyph appears for the 13th. By the way, ‘glyph’, easily one of my favourite words. The logic behind this approach has its foundations in 1K, and one of the core tenants of the model in the form of ‘minimum is enough’. There’s no reason not to do more, but I only have to do one. This is important, as when I take it up a notch and do perhaps hours of rowing in a day at some point, I will still need to do 5 minutes on a rest day. That shouldn’t push me too much.

Coffee is starting to re-establish itself in my routine, but there is one major shift I need to make: I need to drink more of it for leisure. I like coffee, not only for the effect and the ease it give me in completing target, but also because of the taste, the smell, and as nerdy as this will sound, the aesthetics of a black coffee in a black mug. It has become one of my happy-place images, and I have little doubt that my general mood will improve the more of it I drink. It’s been a while since I chained 2+cups-a-day days, but there’s no reason I cannot return to that. Even though I’ve since decided drinking a coffee long past 5pm is fine for utility however, I will try to keep leisure coffee to pre-5pm, if only to encourage me to drink more water in the evenings.

Life is still weird, and I’m sure it is for all of you imaginary readers too. Having a project to focus on helps, even if in my case it has done, a fair bit of damage to my already fragile mental health to work on WAN. Still, 12 days, in 12 days time, I will have a first draft, I can stick it in a drawer, and forget it exists for a long, long time. For now, I’m going to get back to a few new queries that arrived in my inbox over the last few days, and focus on what I hope will be a restful – AND COLD – weekend. Stay frosty everyone.