August 7th, 2020 – 681

So today was pretty darn busy, but the rest of my 3 day weekend should be super chill. I saw dad which was nice, and then went to Mana to pick up my VIP Booster. I felt glad to be back but weird all the same, and agreed as I was being dumb enough to agree to open one of these things that I’d let her film it.

I got some passable commons, a couple food uncommons, and though both rares were eh, I still had use for one of them, and a friend likes elephants so I’m giving her the other. Then I saw my first topper.

Well damn. Apart from John Avon knocking this out of the park that by itself made the booster memorable, and there’s a good chance I can get it signed. I smiled, as hey I’ll still likely have to buy the one topper I super want, but this is still nice. Then I look at the other.

…Which turned out to be the one topper I super wanted. I think I cheer in the video, honestly it’s a blur because I was giddy as heck about that.

This has nothing to do with writing and I don’t care. I hit target fyi about 30 minutes ago. Book still horrible. For once, today it’s the last thing on my mind.