August 6th, 2020 – 680

Today’s scene of WAN which I finished a few moments ago proved to be harrowing even as I obfuscated the actual gore from description. I have a horrible feeling that on the rewrite I am going to have to put some of that nastiness back in, but of all the scenes so far committed, this one made me feel the most wretched. I wonder, if I ever let anyone read this story, if people will think I enjoyed writing this wretched mess. I hope not. I can at least point to this blog as evidence that I didn’t, assuming they believe me.

Got to stay positive. I get to see dad tomorrow, as well as one of my best friends as we open overpriced Magic products together. Also, I wrote 1,500 words today, meaning that we’re a big leap towards being free of this mess. I have to hang in there a bit longer, and I can at least now say I tackled this book, pushed myself well outside my comfort zone and pushed for consistent quality as I did so. It’s a shame that ‘quality’ in this instance has to be so grim.