August 5th, 2020 – 679

That was a looooooong day. Not a bad day, though I did have to sit in on a work meeting on my holiday so my mood wasn’t great going into it, but an active day nonetheless. I tried to up my rowing intensity after a few G&Ts and my head has been blaring the klaxon of disapproval ever since. On a more positive note, I have got the flat all nice and tidy again, moving boxes removed and the blockage of washing up cleared at last. It’s so easy to get bogged down by those when moving into a new space without established routines. As it is, I think I’ll need to use my calendar in some clever way to designate dishwasher/ washing machine days, perhaps in off days with each other. But all this can wait. For now, it’s nice to have clear walkways and all my gadgets set up again.

WAN continues to be more of a drag on my mood than working through the whole holiday would have been. This chapter I am working on now is where ‘All is lost’ is going to live, a critical moment in the relationship between the two main characters, and a death that is a tad metaphorical if you ignore the background bodycount. So yeah, sunshine and rainbows all around. Every day I both thank myself for ripping the band-aid off now and getting the story out of the way, and a desire to bang my head against the double glazing until it becomes single-or-less glazing. With my current self-made headache I do not take the latter prospect lightly.

I’m still neglecting WattPad and I need to cut that out. No that’s incomplete, I need to figure out what it is I want, and set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound targets, the long term and the short term in summary. I need to do this, yet continue to neglect doing so. It might be because it’ll lift the veil on the ‘you need to write more short stories to get noticed/published’ issue that shouldn’t even be an issue – I like writing them. It’ll also highlight the need for me to devote more time to researching and approaching industry people to start making connections, but I just want to write and I am so tired of talking to people I swear to god just kill me now. Ok that’s hyperbole played up for laughs and sympathy – despite not being funny – but it’s a struggle to know how and where to start, even with the good advice banded around online.

Another tomorrow problem. Or at least, a problem for ‘later’. And, another one I need to not leave quite so much ‘later’…