August 3rd, 2020 – 677

70 words off of 60,000. If 85,000 is the rough final total, that means I am less than 25 days away from that, assuming I don’t chain bare-1,000 word days. Resentment at the novel is replacing itself with gradual, even sluggish progress towards excitement for what comes next. I’ve got whimsical stories, or a more serious tale that comes next in the series cannon and has a feel not unlike TSS. Whichever I choose, and I am expecting it to be the latter, it’ll be a welcome change from this story. Apart from anything I’m looking forward to this blog no longer being where I go to whinge about how much I dislike this one character.

It’s gratifying all the same to see how much faster I’ve become in general at content generation, even if I’ve had a lull as I settle back into my own flat. I hope by the time WAN is done, I’ll be getting into a 1,300 word rhythm that increases my turnout to 4,000 words or so every 3 days. At that pace writing a novel every two months becomes an achievable goal, though I do think I’m still a short way off of that being sustainable. Even having it be a possibility that I can mull without the idea sounding absurd is a great feeling to have. The knowledge that I will also have this novel done on or around the 700th day of 1K, bringing me to 6 novels that I’m willing to polish and share is a fantastic milestone, even if the latest book can go die in a fire.

I’m starting to slip in my diet, but not for the reason I expected to. I imagined resisting take out would be my greatest nemesis, but in terms of frugality I’ve managed to keep spending to the essential, and that VIP Booster… But that’s essential in that, no, no it’s frivolous, but at least it’s supporting my LGS. No the way I’ve slipped on diet is my toe. I managed to bruise it quite bad, and going on longer walks seems to make it a lot worse. Couple that with my loosening willpower to resist extra food, and I’m at risk of gaining a lot of weight back from stress alone. Just gotta keep rowing and hope that heals up soon. I miss when I used to get 6,000 free steps a day just going into work…