July 31st, 2020 – 674

It’s amazing how police sirens cause anxiety. I heard them just outside my window and it sent my spine on edge, for as far as I can tell no reason besides the worry of something happening outside the building. Ok, I am planning on going out for a walk almost right after this post, but it’s not as if I can hear anything now. In a way it’s gratifying, because it confirms at least for me what I’m hoping to convey in WAN – that innate dread that the Wanderer gives off is akin to that which even boring goody two shoes like me feel when we hear the police nearby. That when I came up with it years ago wasn’t quite the main headline topic it is today, and I do not know how to feel about that.

I managed to write a lot earlier today than yesterday, which is good because my annual leave starts at 5pm and it means this evening belongs to me alone. No idea what I’ll be up to but I imagine it’ll involve video games, which I’m starting to get back into in a big way, a situation I’m pretty chuffed about. I also put in my order for a VIP Booster this morning, and I’m picking up my custom made Cube box today too. So yeah this has been a good day. Productive too, as I got a lot unstuck at work that I’d had lingering for a while, as is tradition for the day before annual leave. Again, such a stereotype.

Anyway I’m going to do a bit more work now, and then go on my walk and go into email response mode. Here’s hoping nothing large lurches out of the darkness to unfoot me and see me working until the small hours. Again.