July 30th, 2020 – 673

Ok so a bit later than yesterday, but I do have everything all done and wrapped up so I’ll be going straight to bed after writing this. Work wasn’t too bad today, but I think my fatigue is beginning to peak. Just one more day and then I have a nice stretch of holiday, a chance to take stock and regain a bit of control over things. I’m hoping by August 10th, I’ll have a tidy flat, an almost finished novel first draft which should be on the verge of the 70k mark, and a lot less tiredness.

Good news is I’m picking a cool new doohicky tomorrow; friend of mine is getting into 3D printing and he’s built me a cool insert for my Magic Cube box, and for a great price too. I’ll also be dropping a considerable amount more – not a fantastic price but still a cool product – for a VIP Booster of Double Masters. It’s not worth that price tag, but as of the 39 special cards you get two of, there’s only one I don’t want and one I kinda don’t want, it’s a pretty reasonable gamble I’ll get something I do; odds of 1 in 1,600 I get both, and by then it’s worth just the ‘what are the odds’ story. The odds are 1 in 1,600, kinda a short story.

Time to go pass out. Cya.