July 29th, 2020 – 672

I’m having one of those ‘why is it I never try and publicise my blog’ dillemna moments. I’ve heard that a newsletter is the best way to reach your audience, and that building up a list of emails is the backbone of a successful literary career. Indeed, I know if I could say to a publisher that I have a mailing list of Xk readers who could become potential customers. that reduces the risk of them taking a punt on me. Of course that’s audacious; I’m not exactly fighting off the crowds yet with my work, but it should be a goal I have in mind.

So what’s that got to do with here? Well, besides my books themselves wherever I host them, this is my prome advertising space. I already intend to redesign the landing page so that it’s more of a portfolio of my work, once I have WHT up and I’ve done my detailed edit of my flagship trio of books. I’m also thinking of sticking them on Amazon once I have some updated covers that are more buyer friendly, which is going to be a costly investment. But when all that’s done, I’ll still be blogging every day, and this is my chance to show myself as human and, I hope, likeable.

Except, that’s not what this blog is for. If you’ve read the Action, Accountability & Reflection post I did on I believe day 500 of 1K, you’ll see I note that this blog’s main purpose is to signpost that on the previous day, and in most cases that day too, I have kept the chain of a thousand words every day up, minus the blog itself of course. It’s a functional habit building tool, not a marketing tool. Sure I wouldn’t mind if I woke up and 10,000 people read my blog – assuming it’s not because I’ve somehow offended Twitter – but going viral wouldn’t affect what I wrote on here.

Ok that’s a lie I’d spend like 10 days writing posts going ‘holy £$%@ I can’t believe that happened’, but in terms of how I write, and who I write here for – nobody bar myself – I wouldn’t change. But is that me being defiant for what I want, or squandering an oppotunity to speed up a writing career? There is a reason that this is far from my first dillemna on the subject, and I still don’t have the answer there…