July 28th, 2020 – 671

So I haven’t slept since the last post. I did one of my resets again and, well you can see my the time of this post – including 1K being done minutes before – it kinda worked for phase one. Phase two will be if I’m well enough to function at work tomorrow, but I’m pretty certain I will be. I got close to ill from my ruined routine but it’s getting healed now.

WAN sits at 53,100 words. It’s bizarre for me to think this book is starting to bleed into actual existence after so long in my head, and both anxiety inducing to consider, and a relief to expunge. I only hope it’s a weight off my shoulders once complete rather than another rope. Again, cautious optimism.

I’d have liked to have switched off at 9pm but switching off at 10 is when I want to set the routine, so I guess today was a success. Eventually. Imma go crash now.