July 26th, 2020 – 669

I’ve slipped into some bad habits in the last week. I think this stands testament to the need to take holiday AS I move, not two weeks afterwards. My stress levels have seen my calorie intake shoot up to an excess of some 4,000 calories total since the move, and my sleep schedule is a wreck right now. When you couple that with my latest issues with WAN, I’m left in a little bit of a pickle. It’s an age old problem: I’m starting to feel lost at the 50K mark. I can live with this story having difficult points, but I hate spending longer on it than I want to.

I want to start writing earlier in the day, and that just isn’t happening with my mood in the gutter like this. I want to get past this rut, but I have a sneaking feeling that the only true route is to get past this book. Sadly, I keep chaining low word count days; sure, 1K as a minimum means I will rarely ever need more than 3 months, but one month on this book was far too much as it was. Food as a mood lifter is, well I mentioned my catastrophic calorie surplus. Alcohol makes me write slower, coffee, well coffee helps a lot and I seem determined not to use the damn stuff. Maybe I should get one now.

One week, and then I can get some real rest. I kinda wish I’d spent today in bed, though spending it on GTA all day was not a whole lot more intensive. Or, maybe I’m looking at this all wrong and I need to get back into big exercise soon. So much to decide and not a lot of reserve willpower. I’m going to finish target now, and then I’ll sleep. Truth is, if I could just restore my sleep cycle to a 10pm – 8am window, with a half hour each side to slip in and out of rest, then I could fix all this other noise. Given it’s 9 to midnight as I write this, that’s a ways off…