July 22nd, 2020 – 665

Today was the first time in half a year I’ve visited my mum’s for the evening. It’s been, difficult to do that for a long time, even before the end of the world 1.0. Life can get hectic and messy, so it was nice to break the chain. With luck, this should be a sign of things to come, and I hope signals many more evenings in similar style, with greater frequency too. I’m exhausted from a long intense day, but despite that, I feel pretty great right now. A good day with a great ending.

It, probably helps that I haven’t started writing The Wanderer for the day. 1K is slipping back to the dead-hours of the day again and I do not like it. I want to get back to AM writing, where I can follow my ideal day plan, switching off at 6pm and not ending with me in a sleep-derped stupor at 1am trying to pass 1,000 words in psudeo-English. The first draft is supposed to be bad, but some kind of coherence would be nice. I guess I better get back to it now, but man, I cannot wait for this wretched book to be done.