July 21st, 2020 – 664

A very busy day today. I still need to finish up my writing it’s been that packed, though I will admit I ran out of energy towards the 7pm mark so it was a mix of work and zoning out. Still not bad per say, but I am feeling a teensy bit drained. Still if I get through ten more days work, I have ten days off. And to be blunt, I need them.

I’m exhausted at the moment, and not just from all the moving house and intense times on my scale and the more global level. I’m one of those people who can at times push myself a teensy bit too far and not register it until I’ve gone way beyond that, when it’s too late to correct for. Lockdown was unique because, I watched that point sail on by and remained cognisant of it happening. Didn’t make it easier.

I’m feeling, rough, but not ‘ill’. That’s a good sign I’m hoping. My usual response to intense stress is I get debilitating levels of nausea, headaches and at times chest pains, on top of cold symptoms that come and go in unsettling ways, like super intense for three hours then boom, gone. None of that has happened, yet, and it goes without saying no Covid-19 symptoms either. All there is is, fatigue. There is however a lot of that.

So it may sound kinda crazy to pitch an idea that is guaranteed to make me ill. I’m not thinking any time soon, but I’ve mulled for a time how to get some added attention on my writing. NaNoWriMo has been on my mind a while but, I’m thinking bigger, more extravagant. What if say, I were to write a whole novel’s first draft, start to finish, in one 48 hour stretch? A livestream unlike any other.

It is by far the stupidest idea I have ever had, and I have done some stupid things. I’ve thought of many dumb ideas, but this would be, pretty phenomenal to pull off. I think it’s possible, but 85K in that time would take just under 30wpm. That’s including thinking time. So I can’t decide if I’d be able to fight off fatigue and delusions, or if I’m only thinking it’s a good idea because of fatigue and delusions I have right now.

I’ll sleep on it. For a while…