July 20th, 2020 – 663

Turns out I find it easier to work from the flat than I first imagined. I have the MCU on in the background – was actually on Captain America not Avengers Assemble, but the final act of Iron Man 3 is playing at the moment. In a way, when I went to write today, I think having these playing ended up changing the type of scene I wrote. I was writing the exact midpoint of WAN, and it ended up a bit more, explosive than I planned. My journal entry for the day has me lamenting if that’s a bad habit or not; 300 words later on that and the jury’s still out.

I’m still finding odd quirks with home working I don’t like. For one thing I’m not a hige fan of the Office365 Outlook web client. It’s, ok? But I do wish I could get the desktop app working. I also need to reignite Trello at some point. I think what I would like is to start with a clean new board, rather than to try and fix the old one. My current plan would be to peg this relaunch in time for the start of the 20/21 academic year. Bullet Journal is great for my personal life, but for work I need a tech solution because so much of what I do needs the digital version to hand.

I’m thinking take out tonight. Spice Garden, though I’ll need to nip to the cash machine. I’ll wait until 5pm before I head out for that, as I don’t feel right doing that during work hours, even though I’ve found out I can do most things off my phone; helped to have jobs come in at 11pm and after, where I didn’t want to boot up the PC again. I’m a little too resigned to the ‘always working’ mindset now and really, really need to change that. But hey, I’d rather drown in work than be in a drought.