July 14th, 2020 – 657 – Day one-hundred-and-twenty

Head seems almost back to normal now. That’s good, as I was getting a it worried about it. Workload is easing a little, which is also good as I want to go into the 1/3rd of August I have as time off with a clear head, or at least as clear as possible under the circumstances. Life is still a mess, but it’s becoming an ever more controlled mess the more time goes by. The knowledge that my current situation ends in 4 days, and that from there I can if responsible see friends in controlled situations, means I have a flicker of light to aim towards. I’m not sure I would have been coping much longer without that.

WAN is now at 37,000 words, which in days gone by would be the halfway point. For all I know it still might be, depending on the story I end up telling. Based on the current beats in the narrative I’d call it about 40% there. What I thought would be my midpoint makes far more sense as my 3/4 point, giving the novel a packed ending, without overloading it. I’m not sure why I care given my plan to make this book as awkward as possible to gain access to, but it’s all practice. Maybe the reason I’m able to write faster is I’m less nervous about how it is presented. Actually no that’s like the opposite of my view on the wretched book.

My sleep schedule is repairing itself day by day bit by bit. I’m still exhausted – and I’ve been told now a few times I look it – but with a concerted effort I may yet unzombify myself. WordPress is insistent that that isn’t a word, but what does WordPress know about words. Ok, I’m just rambling now. G’nite.