July 9th, 2020 – 652 – Day one-hundred-and-fifteen

I’m debating getting up at 6:00am tomorrow. That’s probably a bad idea, but it would mean I could tune in to watch the Australian Speedrun Marathon as they do Simpsons: Hit and Run and Futurama the Game back to back. I mean yes I watch these games every single day or close to, but it’d be nice to tune in for that event and hear a different side to these people I follow. Also, Friday has at least one meeting I feel pretty bleak about, so I would kinda like to start the day on a high. All depends if I can get enough sleep.

Sleep has been odd as of late. I haven’t got a rhythm in the way I would like but for the last few nights I’ve managed 8 hours or more. I don’t function on less than that, and I do seem to have improved with earlier targets and the like. 9pm isn’t the earliest target’s ever been by a wide margin, but it’s better than after midnight. All well and good, but my big worry is how will this be affected when I transition back to living at the flat, which right now is 9 days away on the amended plan.

WAN continues to make me feel wretched, but hey it’s over 30K words now so not far left to wade through this figurative cess pit. Given how much lockdown broke my mental health, I never imagined I’d find something I was this much more desperate to get to the end of. I have also decided that whatever happens with WattPad and the Wattys, which I’m debating uploading all my books to at once to get 5 entries, I will never upload The Wanderer. If it goes anywhere, it’ll be this site, behind a password.