July 7th, 2020 – 650 – Day one-hundred-and-thirteen

I am not in my happy place, that much is for sure. Once again I’ve churned out in excess of the number of words for WAN that I set per day, and I even made up all the time I lost with int internet outage over night, albeit afterwards in a bid to raise my mood playing video games and watching YouTube until the small hours, which was, well a bad idea as I was on 4 hours sleep today. So yeah lack of sleep, horrible writing project and my toe still looks like a horror movie prop. Not a happy bunny.

On the plus side, I’ve been mulling my ‘year of editing’ idea a little more, and had a thought about how to approach it. It’s a little radical, but not too crazy all considered. I say radical, because it’s a big step backwards on where I am at the moment, by which I mean an all-projects migration into Scrivener. Without cloud saves the software faded from usefulness for me a long time ago, and I have no idea if or how easy they are to do now, but it is still the best editing tool out there. It also lets me divide up works into bitesize chunks I can focus in on in iscolation.

Not right away, but at some point, I’ll move all 6 novels: TUS, VOL, WHT, TSS, TFS and the 27K of WAN into one big document. From there, I’ll go one chapter at a time, reading and rereading them one by one to perfect them. I’m thinking if I can get into a discipline of a chapter per day, I can grow this into a sustainable addendum to 1K. The focus is on reading and tweaking, not adding words, but I’m still not sure how my willpower will enable or prevent this as a model. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. And hope that my key for Scrivener still works…

650 days. When I hit 500 what feels like a lifetime ago I knew covid might be coming to disrupt life. In my earlier entries, I talked about how I knew my mental health would deteriorate. I’m hoping at this milestone looking ahead, that I’ll be spending the next 150 recovering. This isn’t forever. I will have routine and agency back. Give it time.