July 6th, 2020 – 649 – Day one-hundred-and-twelve

Long day, made, oh so much worse by the internet. For once I don’t mean that God forsaken hellscape Twitter, which I washed my hands of – by which I mean I deleted all my tweets – a few days ago. Not because I had any dirt, even if the player blow by blow commander game in 250 tweets was weird. I just hate Twitter.

No today, our internet went out. Ikr first world problems, only it’s a bit more of an issue when your entire job uses the internet. As you can guess, I have internet back now. And yes, I’m still working to make up for lost time, and no I’m miserable about it why would you think I was ok? Why would you even ask me that imaginary reader? That kinda schtick is why the comments are off.

Anyway I’d love to stay and chat about how the Wanderer is now 26k of unadulterated sickness but I need to get back to work. At quarter past eleven. At night. Thoughts and prayers people. Always the night before team meetings…