July 4th, 2020 – 647 – Day one-hundred-and-ten

Sorry about the stub post yesterday. It was a long week, and my mood has not been in the best place of late. Work is busy but it’s not a problem; lockdown is still stressful but big whoop, it’s bad for everyone, and I feel I’ve dealt with it quite well outside of failing to save a penny because of comfort spending. No, it’s because of The Wanderer. That book is eating my mental health and, well, ‘passing’ the remains of it back into my mood. I toned that down by about ten degrees and it’s still the most grim thing I’ve written on this blog.

I’m going to need to come up with better ways to handle my mood. The opportunity to save is gone, but I cannot keep medicating my mood with a bank balance that wasn’t bursting to begin with. My feet ended up a blister-pocked mess which killed my walks, and I’ve become super lethargic as a result. I have to get on top of that or the weight is all coming right back, and the stone I lost in the last month will come back with a few friends. But I have to find a way to make this book more palatable at any cost.

I’ve been watching Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act on Netflix, which I’ve fallen head over heels for and do recommend. Finding stuff like this, like Hamilton, like Liquid and streams in general. So it’s not all bad. But whether it’s more stuff like these or a new source entirely, I need to level out my head and get back on stable footing. Somehow…