July 1st, 2020 – 644 – Day one-hundred-and-seven

I’m writing this close to 10pm but actually I wrote on my lunch break some 9 hours ago. I’m gradually getting better at writing earlier in the day again, even if I’m a trek off from my glory days of 10am target. That’s where I want to get back to; 7/8am target was kinda nice but what I gained in day I lost in fatigue. Turns out getting up early is not for me. Better to know and accept that.

The plot of WAN is fairly robust, but as much as I despise this book – have I mentioned that? – I do owe it to myself to iron out it’s kinks. One big area I have to improve a lot on are scenes where not much happens to excite the reader. I shouldn’t be writing scenes with nothing of interest, but it can be hard in the moment to rationalise what is and isn’t interesting. Ergo, as much as I hate to say it, WAN will need a rewrite. As a compromise, I’m not uploading it to WattPad. If I have to work more on this wretched book then at least I can stop anyone reading it. Yeah this book and I have a hate-hate relationship.

Oh one more thing, when I’m back at the flat I think I’m going to start casually streaming Arena. Doubt anything will come of it but why not.