June 24th, 2020 – 637 – Day one-hundred

Well here we are. I’m glad today at least seems to be shaping up a lot better than the last few have. I’m getting on top of my work queue, and should close some important jobs today. I’m building my 5 minute rows routine up well, I’ve got a stable diet – 12 points instead of 14 on my reduced exercise sees me break even – and my foot is healing. I wrote 1,550 words of WAN today taking it over the 10K mark, and though I still hate the story, the thought that I am potentially 1/8th of the way there makes me feel at least a tiny bit better. Now I’m going to have some lunch and get back to work. That’s the best cure for my head woes of the early week.

I can’t remember day one all that well. I can still picture leaving at 4pm that day, the feeling of that last walk back and anxious wondering of when I’d ever go back. I remember that click at the front door closed, and my worries that my mental health would decline in ways I could not even imagine. But here we are, and though my head is not in the best place of my life it’s still on my shoulders for the time being. I managed some good stuff in this time, and had to concede some regression in other places. It won’t be forever. Closer to the end hopefully than the beginning, or if not to the end, then perhaps to an acceptable plateau. One can only hope.