June 23rd, 2020 – 636 – Day ninety-nine

I’m starting to realise WAN is a cursed book. It seems like my general good fortune took a horrid nose dive when I embarked on realising this macabre monstrosity, and now I am a little tied into writing what is a dead weight on my mental health at a less than opportune time to have any more reason for that to plummet. It’s funny that for a long time I tried to conceal my mental health on here as if it were something I should be ashamed of. Then again I have never been the best at practicing what I preach when it comes to being open.

Tomorrow will mark my 100th day in quarantine, having started out about a week ahead of most people, and a couple behind those in the more vulnerable demographics. On the whole, as far as 100 days go, this was a productive time. I got a lot of work done, gained then lost a lot of weight, took up new hobbies – chess & rowing – and finished one book, wrote another start to finish, and will hit 10K of a third by the close of play tomorrow. So yeah, I do feel that despite my head not being that great of a friend at the moment I’ve made the best of things.

I picture The Wanderer being about 80K long, but there is a chance it’ll end up as much as 90K. That’s a good length, but I’m praying for the 80 so that it can be over sooner. The one shining light for me right now – besides the rowing machine turning out to be a great stress-burner – is if I can write this book at this time in my life, I don’t see what I can’t achieve anymore. Perseverance emerges as my greatest strength. Now, if only I could leverage that into doing the needed work to build a readership base…