June 19th, 2020 – 632 – Day ninety-five

Long week but only 2 hours of work left. I’m not counting that down as such, more jus glad I won’t have much to do for the next two days. I’ve now had two 1,300 word days in a row for WAN, which with what I already had in the bank brings the project to the 4,000 word mark, with all story beats in place. That’s good because I have close to zero intention of ever editing WAN. To be blunt, when it’s done I’ll upload it with a blurb that opens with ‘Don’t read this one’. Doesn’t have to be any good, just has to give context for the character.

Sad thing is, I think it might end up being good. It’s too early to tell, but the stories I wrote now seem to flow with an ease that I’ve never found before. I know how to pace, where on instinct I should put key moments and foreshadowing. Far from a master of this of course and there are plenty of clunky elements left, but it’s a little unnerving how much I feel I’ve improved in the last year, and disquieting how much of that is bleeding into WAN. I don’t know why I’ve chained two 1,300 days but perhaps that’ll be the norm for this book; that desperate to get to the end of it.

Think I need to take my mind off of all things WAN for a while. I keep debating playing Stardew Valley after work, but my attention span isn’t there for it right now. It might be, but forced dinner time kind of takes the evening away from me; I like to have flexibility, but I’m not allowed to sort my own catering. Still, not much longer and I’ll be back at the flat and in control again. It might even be closer to a month from now than a month and a half. Just have to stay sane.