June 18th, 2020 – 631 – Day ninety-four

“2,700 words out of 90,000 into writing The Wanderer and I already want to dig my eyes out with a rusty scalpel.”

This is how I described to a friend how well the story is going so far. Pacing wise plenty happens, we get a look into both our primary characters, a taste for who they are and how they work, and I don’t care because I can already tell I’m going to be miserable for the next two and a bit months. But at least this is probably from a technical stand point going to be my best book.

I’m finding now that my writing in the first draft is coming out a lot more polished than it used to. I don’t labor that, it’s kinda happened on its own as I take on board things I like from other books and start to focus in on what I want to do as a writer. My next major hurdle I think will be metaphor. I use clichés – like hurdle – too much. I also have some odd experiments that don’t quite land.

For a book that I’m intending to go against the grain of ‘show don’t tell’ on, in a multitude of graphic depictions that I’m not keen to dress up in pretty bows, I do see this as a good chance to hone in on and cherry pick the best metaphors and symbolism. The Wanderer itself is quite purple in its speech, so that’s going to be where a lot of them end up I imagine.

Right I’m going to stop talking about WAN and go get my head far far away for a while. Thankfully, there’s plenty of work to do.