June 16th, 2020 – 629 – Day ninety-two

So um, a lot happened since I posted yesterday. After I returned to work, went on my evening walk and had dinner, I guess I got struck by inspiration. So I sat down and, well, finished writing The First Stroke. Final word count came in at 90,400 words. That has since dipped by some 800 words as I start to do continuity and preparation edits before I shove it in a drawer for a few months, but damn, it feels good to turn out novels in less than 80 days a pop. I mean, yes, that isn’t including the incubation time, the lengthly edits – that I still need to do to VOL, WHT and TSS as well, and all the other guff, but 77 days for a first draft is sweet. I’ll likely spend the next two days on getting the house in order, but even then 79 for a novel ain’t half bad.

It’s a cry short of the 30 days of NaNoWriMo, even if that is for only 50K when doing the traditional version. I’m torn on if I want to do that this year or not if only because I’m so knackered from the virus that the additional stress alongside whatever novel I write at that time might be a push. That said, I do have a standalone novel – Amexit – that I’m super tempted to do a rush draft of. That is a working title as there is another book with a similar name, albeit nonfiction. The term isn’t a new one so that’s not suprising, but so far as I can tell, my proposed take on it is. It’s whether writing another novel alongside The Wanderer will make the latter easier, or twice as hard.

Not an issue for today. For now it’s back to work, then to walk, and then I’ll see where my head is at after perhaps a few more evening edits. It’s a nice thought that when asked “what did you do in quarantine?” I can say “kept working, looked after elderly relatives, wrote a new novel from scratch and got into fitness”. I just hope the latter part sticks…