June 14th, 2020 – 627 – Day ninety

The last half week of writing has been a weird experience. I had an ending in mind for the story, and said ending fell into place as I’d hoped, but I then found that I didn’t want to have my protagonist face up to her foe in quite such a direct fashion. To clarify, I am so out of practice writing anything of the genre that TFS secretly is all the long that I am going to need to rewrite huge swathes of the story, not just the ending. But I do need to ratchet up the subtlty a little bit.

Even so and despite cuting some 500 words the other day, TFS at the 85K mark. That’s a good place to be in the climatic scenes. They say 90K-100K is getting into the ‘maybe not for a first time writer’ territory, so I like to stick to high 80s and low 90s where possible. Ignore that WHT is 110K I haven’t edited it yet…

Speaking of, I need to go through VOL and WHT and rip both apart, and I keep putting off doing so. It’s not from some dislike of editing, I think I’m just that burned out at the moment that I haven’t gotten around to it. This week ahead is going to be at least as busy as the last one so I do not imagine I’ll be in editing mode for a while. That said, I will likely do a ton of editing during WAN if only as a pallette cleanser from that horrific story.

I’m getting a lot more tired at the moment. I know a calorie defecit is part of that but I also know that it’s lethargy from being contained in this house. As I didn’t end up moving back to the flat I am in a weird limbo at the moment. Best I can do is keep trying to get early nights and keep my head on straight. And do more rowing.