June 12th, 2020 – 625 – Day eighty-eight

I’m so glad it’s the weekend. The bad news is I haven’t rowed in two days, but the good news is it’s the weekend and it’s not like it’s going anywhere or I’m overeating. I had a good day overall by ploughing through some key tasks and just getting stuff done, but also I got my phone reconnected!

That takes some explaining: my phone got cut off when O2 wouldn’t take my money last month, and I’ve been trying ever since to get them to do so. Then the other day I found that they reverted my card details they hold to my old address. Not sure how that screwed up the direct debit, but who cares I have internet back! And that led to an interesting experiment.

I wrote target on my walk. It ate my whole battery and was far from the most fun I’ve had on a walk, but it helped me to not lose productivity in that time. I think from now on, if I haven’t hit target by my walk, I should write while I walk. If nothing else it’s an incentive not to be lazy and leave it so darn late. Time for a beer and some Business Blaze. Ciao.