June 11th, 2020 – 624 – Day eighty-seven

I don’t have much new going on at the moment. By that I’m not talking about the end of the story I’m working on or major changes at work so much as, nothing’s gone wrong. For the first couple of months being cooped up I kept swinging mentally all over the place, got restless at losing control of my routine – a big no-no for me – and lonely I guess. I still have spikes of stress when the odd task ends up lost in the mix because of improvised systems or I overeat from a low spell but, things are finally starting to calm down.

These have been some of the busiest, most hectic months of my life, and it’s strange to think for all that I’ve barely gone anywhere at all. My Fitbit doesn’t agree of course – far as it’s concerned I for for about 10km a day and it has no idea why. Supposedly I’ve lost weight but, I don’t see it. I’ve only run a defecit for a month, and only a week and a bit at 1,000 calories with intense exercise each day. These things take time, but I still feel bad looking at myself and thinking how I had this nailed before the world ended. Yes that’s a petty thing to be upset about but I like being in shape. It won’t be much longer now but even so.

TFS is drawing to a close, probably a week at best of direct new content before I slip into the first edits. Those’ll be continuity and clean up more than style, which needs that growth time I talked about before. I still feel like I should be doing more to it before I stick it in a virtual drawer, if only because the plot is all over the place, but I’m more likely to come up with better fixes if I mull on it for a while, and it’s not like there’s any rush; WHT is still going up on WattPad and TSS goes up afterwards, so a good year off.

I wonder how the world will look a year from now. I hope, normal, or a variation on normal that you’d have to look close at to tell apart. Could be better than that; could also be a lot worse if new barriers spring up. But I know what I would like it to look like, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lie down and think about that for a while. As close as I can get for the time being.