June 10th, 2020 – 623 – Day eighty-six

Another day, another 1K of TFS. I’ve got to admit the ending might be exciting, but it’s weak. I think quite a lot of the story is weak at this point but there’s a lot of missing details required to make what’s happening right now make sense in the plot. That’s fine, it’s what a thorough edit is for, but this is so out of my comfort zone. It’s nice not to go ‘wait, does that make sense or should I redo that?’ all the time, but less so that I keep going ‘I’ll have to change X so that this isn’t gibberish.’

Rowing is going well. I haven’t done any today but that’s what I’m about to go and do. I’ve settled on 20 minutes a day for now while I get used to it, and I’ll move that up by 10 minutes as I get more confident. By the end of the month I should be doing an hour or more without breaking myself to do it. This isn’t after all supposed to be some extreme shift – it’s got to be sustainale or it’ll only prove harder.

I manage a calorie defecit by using a points system I devised. It’s not too complex: 160 calories is a point. If I eat something smaller than that, I round it up to 1. If I eat a bunch of stuff together, I round up once I’ve factored it all in. hat means if I ate a small bit of chocolate on the random that’s 100 calories, that counts as 1 point, but if I ate that and some crisps and houmous say, and in total it came to 320 or less calories, it would only be 2 points, not three.

6 points equals 960. Therefore a defecit of 6 points eaten vs burned is good for ther next two months for about 1lb of fat a week, maybe more given my system means I’m often over rather than underestimating my calorie intake. It also makes tracking odds and ends easier, and dissuades snacking because of how many points it costs. I burn about 3,200 calories a day with my current exercise regimen, so 20 points, meaning I let myself eat up to 14. Keeps it simple, easy to track, and it helps that most alcoholic drinks are one point on their own, though I’m less reliant on that than I was in May.

Little steps like that are helping me regain some order in my life. Work projects are going well, I have an almost clear queue or at least a manageable one, and I’m starting to get back a bit of my old cheer. This has been a weird experience for sure, but I’m comforted by knowing my tactics work even under stress. Now to go do some rowing and see if I can pull it all off again tomorrow.