June 9th, 2020 – 622 – Day eighty-five

Busy day but a productive one. I had a string of just 1,000 word days for a week between the 2nd and the 8th, but today broke that up quite well. I still think that the ending I’m writing isn’t quite the ending I want, and I haven’t earned this ending let alone the ideal one. But it’s a solid draft for all that.

I stuck to 20 minutes of rowing today. I’ll go for 40 again tomorrow and might do that as a pattern, assuming 20 minutes can still count as a rest day. I’ll have to experiment a bit, but for now my thousand-calorie defecit is more important. So far I’ve shed about 11lbs bit of course some of that will be water weight. But I’m pretty good at shifting weight and keeping it off. Major crashes are my downfall.

I just have to hope I’m on the rise again.