June 4th, 2020 – 617 – Day eighty

Another busy day. A lot done, super drained but feeling pretty alright. I had my take out yesterday and leftovers this morning, and man it’s so nice to have my favourite place back. The minimum order is steep so this is a hyper rare treat, but I saviored every bit of it. Continuing into today, I worked my dues, and then I’ve tried to stay as chill as possible, which mostly worked.

TFS is in an odd place. I do know how the story ends, but I’m having to have Kim draw conclusions where I’ve laced zero hints along the way to make the ending work. That’s fine, I’ll add them all in during the rewrite, but it’s a strange sensation writing this way. When I used to plan more, I knew the path and when I diverted, it was because the story contained the hooks to let me. This is kind of the other way round where I find the route, and then have to lace the hooks after the fact.

Head is getting to a better place bit by bit. Just gotta stay positive.