May 29th, 2020 – 611 – Day seventy-four

Another hyper busy day at work, and as I feared I’m going to need to work through the weekend in spite of the big push. In a way I’m ok with that because I do at least know what it is I need to do, it’s mere quantity that makes me feel a bit drained. I’m going to need to make sure I take my week off I have planned as chill and slow as possible. In the meantime I’m so knackered that I expect to spend that week bed-ridden. I’m not far off of that now, so it’s a good think my work desk is my bed. Not great for sleep though.

Words are sluggish today even writing this. I’m on the cusp of that bottom cut off point for a novel, the 70K mark, and to be frank I think it’s a tight 70. I need to redo some set pieces, reorder or redo some other events and scenarios and just un-£$%#-ify it a bit, and it’ll be ready to shove in a drawer for a year and not look at. I’m not kidding, that is my legitimate plan. I’m already doing it with TSS for another 5 months or so. This is why I like to stay so ahead of schedule.

On a positive note to finish, I managed to pick up the Historic Anthology III on MTGA today, and Maze’s End is such a fun card to play. So I do have some small escape. Even if I have to play that in bed as well…