May 27th, 2020 – 609 – Day seventy-two

I have a plan. Plans are great; not sacrisanct by any means and they have to be flexible, but it’s a ground zero. That plan at present centres on three dates, and relies on college approval, logistics going as expected, and my sanity remaining in tact.

The first date is the 5th of June. I will be booking this day of work off and the entirity of the week afterwards. Whis is this you ask? Well on the second date, the 8th of June, I move back home. I’ve helped my grandparents out, but now I have to face the reality of needing to show my face at work so they can see how hard I’m working. Cynical? To the extreme, but I can’t afford to lose my job after all.

The third date, is the 15th. Assuming I get the go-ahead, that will be when my little suffix counter on my posts above, ends. I will no longer be in lockdown, and will go back to, what I guess will be in a way, normal life. In another way, it won’t be normal at all. In fact next to none of it will be – look point is, major change. Maybe good. Maybe not so good. But it’s a plan. All I got.

TFS is now at 66,000 words. Now well past the 2/3rds mark, we are in my third act and building towards what I hope will be an explosive, surreal and shocking climax to the story. I cannot tell you how little I want my own little journey to end in the same way…