May 25th, 2020 – 607 – Day seventy

I have to open with an apology. Yesterday was day sixty-nine and I didn’t throw out a ‘nice’. If I forget to do that in 99 days time (169), or 350 days (420) then you have permission to stop reading my blog. And you know how serious I’m being about that.

I wrote another day above a thousand words today, making three in a row. Can’t help but smirk as I write that as I’ve been watching a lot of Fact Fiend today and Karl Smallwood ripped ‘Writers Twitter’ apart for how worthless being proud of wordcount in public is, which I could not agree with more if I tried. There is a reason I write drivel on here; if I thought I’d have actual readers, I would write something far more interesting than this tripe.

I’m watching his videos right now and man I don’t know why I didn’t binge him sooner. I’m a huge Simon Whistler fan and knew I liked Karl Smallwood’s style from the clips I’d seen of him and the scripts he wrote for Today I Found Out, but he is genius. I wish he and Simon did a podcast because I swear I would listen to almost nothing else if that existed.

I’d still listen to Audible of course. I’ve now sailed over 14 months of listen time on the platform now, and on my daily walks I’m finding that I take in the story and can visualise it so much easier when on the move. I may up my step count to 15,000 steps a day just to get more time to listen, or some other form of exercise. Anyway this is a rambling mess and I have a team meeting in the morning so Imma sleep now. Night.