May 21st, 2020 – 603 – Day sixty-six

Strange how values shift over time. This time last year, writing main story content 2/3rds of the time for target was a big deal. Now I’m annoyed because May in comparason to previous months has seen my average daily WC fall 20 words to 1,080 words of main content, every day. I was keeping track at one point, then stopped when it became the norm. I hope that doesn’t hold for my little quarantine tracker in the title.

The words today were awful, weak little waifs, but they got me to target. This is the part of the novel I have the least confidence in, not because ideas are harder so much as I’m risking absurdity to keep up with the pace of the story. I might have to tone down some of the events in the rewrite to make the narrative more believable.

I keep having to remind myself that first drafts are meant to be bad. If they’re not, then you haven’t explored deep enough. A first draft that is ‘ok’ by definition is shallow. And yet it still doesn’t feel great to commit weak prose. Doesn’t help that I’m tired of course. Sleep is a factor I need to fix and soon. On that note, goodnight.