May 20th, 2020 – 602 – Day sixty-five

Same shtick, different day. Trying to write earlier, sleep more and somehow get my work queue closer to single digits than the triple it’s currently threatening. My temporary mantra has been ‘remember everyone is going through this, you’re not screwing up’. ‘Course that would have more weight if I hadn’t messed my budget up and bounced my phone bill by mistake. Cross with myself for that one; no phone for a couple weeks except for WiFi.

My fictional world is going a bit better, except I have to come up with a great idea for my character to have in time for tomorrow’s writing session. So no pressure. I find in seriousness that if I put myself on the spot like this, I find either the idea pops out, or I start writing something that can placeholder for it until I get an actual eureka moment. Either work, I’m going to rewrite the whole thing anyway so what’s the harm.

Coming back to finances again, I need to stop treating my mood swings with retail therapy. It’s not healthy and seeing as I have a job right now, saving is a great idea. The tricky part is that well, it has worked to keep my spirits up. So I need to find new pursuits that can do the same thing. I’m hoping that as my exercise routine grows that will perform this task. It’s either that or coming out of this mess with meagre savings.