May 17th, 2020 – 599 – Day sixty-two

I haven’t decided how or even if I will celebrate tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong it feels like a mini Christmas to hit this milestone, even if 100s in this context are an arbitrary benchmark. I guess I like round numbers, like a lot of people I imagine. Since all my readers are imaginary I say all of you do too, so there. It’s a strange thought that just over 1 in 10 days of 1K have been spent in this quarantine. That makes it seem both longer and shorter somehow.

Last night I was a bit out of sync, hence my short post. It always feels wrong to make paragraph-or-less postings, but needs must a lot of the time, and my head was screwed on all kinds of wrong. I didn’t even get to sleep until 6am. A lot of that was getting lulled into playing too much Arena, and I should have known better than that. The prereleases did at least go very well.

TFS isn’t doing too bad either. I’m only 1,550 words up on a 1K minimum for the month, so this won’t be a radiant example of my productive best, but then a lot of my energies are going to my job right now so it’s not too surprising. At my current pace, I’ll have this draft in the can on or by the last day of June, with for the first time no deadline shift. As the story is more compact than VOL and WHT that’s not too surprising, but welcome nonetheless.

Right, imma go crash now. Here’s hoping I can sleep over my loud PC fan as it installs GTA V. So many games. And yet I haven’t visited my Animal Crossing village in over a week…